Air Conditioning Service and AC Service in Lake Mary, Orange City and Nearby Cities

Are you thinking of installing an air conditioner in your new residence which is situated in any of the cities like Debary, Deland, Heathrow, Lake Mary, Orange City or Sanford? Yes? Well, that’s a good decision because summer is around the corner and obviously, you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable throughout this scorching season, isn’t it? But yes, once you are done installing this essential electronic appliance, please do not be reluctant when it comes to maintaining it. Like any other electronic appliance, AC too needs to be well-maintained. Hence, make sure you hire a well-known and reliable air conditioning service provider like us, the Air Current Inc, every single/alternative month to keep this appliance under check or else, it might start malfunctioning.

What Signals does a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner Give?

Now, are you curious to know about the signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner? Then, please read on.

  • Sign 1: The Air Conditioner will not Blow Cold Air

If you ever feel that your air conditioner is not blowing cold air even at a full blast, then be rest assured, it is malfunctioning and needs to be checked by a person who excels at air conditioner servicing.

Some of the reasons why your AC might stop blowing cold air are:

The system’s compressor has failed

The system’s Freon level is too low

  • Sign 2: You’ll Get a Pungent Smell

After switching on the air conditioner, if you see that your room has started smelling unbearably pungent, then that could be because of your malfunctioning AC. Yes, you read that right! Generally when something goes wrong with the internal mechanism of the AC, it starts blowing very pungent air, which in return, pollutes the air in your room.

The reason behind this could be the growth of mold inside your unit or ductwork. So, you need to get this fixed immediately by calling an expert who excels at air conditioning service.

After going through this blog, hopefully, you wouldn’t want to come across these two terrible signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner, right? So, please keep it well maintained by servicing it every single month. And to hire us for this task, call us at 866-730-7418.