Mini-splits & Ductless Mini-Splits for Garages and Small Spaces

Never too hot, never too cold Mini-Splits by AIR CURRENT INC

There’s an ongoing battle for thermostat control that takes place in homes throughout Florida and beyond. To get the right temperature in one room you may end up making it too hot or too cold in another. Wouldn’t it be great to choose which rooms you wanted to cool or heat? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to control the temperature in different rooms? Welcome to the wonderful world of mini-split systems!

What is a mini-split system?

Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that let you control temperatures in individual rooms and spaces. A mini-split system places individual indoor units in each room or a ‘zone’ of rooms. You’re not pushing and pulling air to a single central indoor unit. Each mini-split unit handles its own cooling needs for each room or zone by the use of its fan and evaporator unit.

Mini-splits have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit(s), which are evaporators.

Your central HVAC system uses ducts through which heated or cooled air is pushed. Mini-split systems don’t use ducts, which is one of many advantages, which include:

  • Cool and Heat Rooms Individually
    Since each room or zone has its own thermostat, you can cool or heat individual rooms based on your comfort level. This allows you to create different climates throughout your home. For instance, while watching a movie in the living room, you might want it a little warmer but prefer a lower temperature for sleeping. With a mini-split system, you get the temperature you want in one room without changing the temperature in other rooms.
  • No Energy Loss Through ductwork
    Since there is no ductwork, there’s no loss of treated air, and that’s a huge saving. It’s said that more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning can be attributed to duct loss. No ducts mean no ductwork loss!
  • Greater Flexibility
    Since ductwork isn’t a consideration, you have greater freedom when it comes to the interior design of a new home. Your ductless system uses less space than conventional ducted systems.
  • Perfect Solution for Room Additions
    The ductless design of a mini-split allows them to be installed in a wide variety of ways. You don’t have to alter your interior architectural design to accommodate for additional ductwork. Mini-split systems seamlessly integrate with your existing design…and they’re a simple addition when you add a room.

The pros at AIR CURRENT INC can help you with mini-split systems. We carry mini-split units for almost any application and our technicians are experts at installing flexible, efficient mini-split systems for any home, regardless of size or design.