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Main AC Parts found in a split system

Air Current sells and installs ac parts throughout Debary, Deland, Heathrow FL, Lake Mary, Orange City and Sanford. An air conditioning system has many parts and when a part fails you want to know who to call. Air Current offers professional sales, installation and repair of HVAC systems throughout central Florida.

There are many types and configuration of air conditioning systems and the split system is one of the most popular and common ac systems. Their quiet operation and aesthetically pleasing appearance adds to the popularity of spilt ac systems. For example, the indoor unit is available in a variety of designs and colors.

The main components of a split system are the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is installed in a room that requires cooling. The outdoor unit is installed outdoors and a copper piping connect it to the indoor unit. There are several more ac parts to a split system.

These ac parts of the outdoor unit include the compressor, the condenser, the cooling fan and the expansions valve. The compressor compresses the refrigerant and then sends it to the condenser. The condenser absorbs the heat from the compressed refrigerant. The condenser fan helps with the cooling process. The compressed refrigerant enters the expansion valve where it loses heat and pressure. Low pressure and low temperature refrigerant then enters the copper tubing. The low temperature refrigerant is sent to the indoor unit where it performs the required cooling. The cooling fan of the indoor unit blows air over the refrigerant which cools the air.  The refrigerant is then sent back to the outdoor unit to repeat the compression and cooling cycle.

There are many other ac parts that support the main parts. Air Current can help you with replacement AC parts in Debary, Deland, Heathrow FL, Lake Mary, Orange City or Sanford.

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