Heat Pump in Lake Helen, Debary, Sanford, Heathrow, Deland, Osteen, and Nearby Cities

A heat pump is a two-component, stand-alone appliance that provides heating and cooling for homes, workplaces, and other applications using refrigeration technology and energy. Heat pumps have extremely high-efficiency rates and the ability to deliver heating and cooling without the use of ductwork in the residence. A heat pump has a very high-efficiency rate because it solely consumes electricity for power rather than for heat generation. Air Current Inc. specializes in retrofitting split system heat pumps, package units, and gas furnaces, as well as diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining the ductwork associated with those systems and components. We can assist you with your current system and find the best repair or replacement alternatives to save energy and money on your utility bills.

Technician in the middle of a heat pump repair in Lake HelenLet us discuss some benefits of heat pump:

  • Because the electricity required by a heat pump is only utilized to operate the two fans (evaporator and condenser), compressor, and pump that concentrate heat outside and deliver it into your home, the efficiency rate increases considerably. As a result, heat pumps can provide more than 3 units of heat for every unit of energy required, resulting in efficiency rates of over 90%.
  • With an average winter temperature of 37 degrees in Maine, the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat has a seasonal efficiency rate of roughly 285 percent. This translates to cheaper electricity expenses for a more pleasant home — heat pumps are quite cheap to operate, increasing your monthly electric bill by an average of $75 per heat pump that is continually running in the home. If you have a heat pump and a primary heating system like oil, gas, or electricity, you can save even more money by using the heat pump to counteract the primary fuel use: in a typical home, one heat pump can offset up to 300 gallons of oil, saving you money on expensive fossil fuels.

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