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AC parts for your air conditioner or heat pump

Air Current can help you with AC parts and repairs in Debary, Deland, Heathrow FL, Lake Mary, Orange City or Sanford.  HVAC systems are made up of various components and sub-assemblies and these all have different parts. It may be that you need replacement AC parts and it is always where you can get AC parts and who can install them.

The split air conditioner is one of the most widely used type of the air conditioners. This type of air conditioner has two main components; the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. These two units are connected with copper tubing.

Major air conditioning parts or components include the compressor, the condenser, the cooling fan and the expansion valve. The compressor compresses the refrigerant and then sends it to the condenser. The condenser receives the high-pressure refrigerant and the cooling fan comes into operation. Apart from these major components there many other ac parts in a HVAC system. These include electrical parts, thermostat parts, installation parts, filters, humidifiers, heat exchangers, pumps and miscellaneous parts.

Air Current stocks a comprehensive range of replacement ac parts which means they can normally fix your HVAC system quickly.  Electrical replacement parts include relay switches, timers, control boards, circuit boards, fuses, capacitors and switches.  You also get thermostat parts, blower wheel motors, inducer motor assemblies, oil filters, expandable air filters, humidifier filter pads, condensate pumps, condensate traps, crank case heaters and more.  AC thermostat parts include products such as a Carrier thermostat, a thermostat for your heat pump, a single zone thermostat or a programmable wireless thermostat.

It does not matter whether you need electrical ac parts in Debary, ac filters in Deland, thermostats in Heathrow FL, blower wheel motors in Lake Mary, expansion valves in Orange City or other ac parts in Sanford, Air Current can help.

Lake Mary, Orange City, Sanford FL AC Parts from Air Current Inc. are dependable and affordable. Contact us today for more details on AC Parts.