Reliable AC service in Deland, Lake Mary and Heathrow, FL

Learn about the many benefits of joining hands with a professional AC service provider

It is never indeed the right time for an AC to break down. And when you require AC service of any kind it will be best to hire the professionals at Air Current. Every technician in our company is highly skilled and thus can help in restoring indoor comfort effectively and quickly. Immediately after receiving your call they will visit your home, diagnose the AC and repair it right away without wasting much effort and time thereby reducing your inconvenience and saving your stress. People residing in and around Deland, Lake Mary and Sanford can make the most of our air conditioning service.

Why choose us?

  • A task well-done- The key reason why you must hire the services of our professionals is quality. The current AC models are intricate having extensive electronic systems along with other components. Hiring our experts to inspect as well as repair your AC will guarantee that the issue is discovered promptly and fixed accurately that too for the first time. Being professionals they can trace the issue back to its source along with having the experience, tools and knowledge to fix the same without delay. Our quality repairs along with helping to solve your problem will also increase the longevity and efficiency of the AC
  • Professional tips and advice- when you hire us to repair your AC you will receive more than a simple fix. Our technician will conduct an in-depth inspection of your AC upon arrival, diagnose the issue and rectify it. Besides, they will also offer you advice regarding how to keep away from future problems.
  • Long term maintenance- often the need for AC repairs crop up due to poor maintenance. By hiring us you will get the additional benefit to discuss or set up an ongoing, regular maintenance plan. In fact, our technician will inform you which maintenance job is required, what will be its cost and also when the same needs to be performed.

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