Sanford, Deland, Orange City FL Air Conditioning

Air current provides a single source solution for your air conditioning needs in Deland, Lake Mary, Orange City, Osteen or Sanford. It is also good to deal with an AC contractor who remains current with technology and advances in air conditioning products and equipment.

There have been several innovative advances in air conditioning technologies and products over recent years. These advances have made air conditioning products more efficient and eco-friendly. Modern systems operate more quietly and are also easier to operate. Touch screens and programmable thermostats are now common place.

Advances in smart phone technologies and apps give people more control over their homes and living environments. These capabilities no extend to air conditioning systems giving you even greater remote control.  For example, you can turn on your air condition before you get home.

One of the main advances in air conditioning is the intelligent or learning thermostat. This enable the thermostat to automatically adjust settings based on a self-taught schedule.  This type of thermostat is also called NEST and it teaches and educates itself about your air conditioning preferences.

Other advances include:


  • Newer refrigerants provide higher cooling capacities and pressures
  • Clean air technology and kits remove pollutants and allergens from the air
  • Improved communication between indoor and outdoor controls
  • Bladeless flow control ensures fast and comfortable cooling
  • Flash injection technology
  • Hybrid heat exchanger increases
  • Inverter scroll compressors
  • Geothermal systems


Modern air conditioners feature elegant designs while delivering unparalleled performance. These advances are driven by peoples need for greater comfort, more control, greater safety, cost savings as well as concern for the environment.

Air Current can supply you with modern, smart and high-efficiency air conditioning solutions for you home in Deland, Lake Mary, Orange City, Osteen or Sanford.

Sanford, Deland, Orange City FL Air Conditioning from Air Current is affordable, reliable, and efficient. Call today for more details.